Click Fraud Detection


Click Fraud Detective™: Click Fraud Software Technology in Motion

In today’s business world, Internet advertising is a major and necessary component of the competitive marketing strategy of most companies.

In recent years, many businesses have come to rely heavily or exclusively on attracting clients through their online advertising, allowing for

unprecedented access of companies to customers.

Unfortunately, this rapid transformation of the marketplace has also spawned a far less desirable phenomenon: pay per click fraud (PPC Fraud).

Unscrupulous competitors and publishers have devised multiple methods to use technology to gain unfair competitive advantages or to

fraudulently line their own pockets with advertiser’s marketing dollars. Click Fraud Detective™ offers a sophisticated click fraud detection

technology employing an advanced statistical scoring algorithm developed jointly by our expert web technologists and search engine marketing

pay per click specialists, for the specific purpose of monitoring and detecting pay per click fraud and helping advertisers secure refunds due

to click fraud.


Click Fraud Detective: Pay Per Click Auditing Services

PPC networks, such as Google Adwords and Yahoo! Search Marketing (Overture), can be your most powerful web advertising platforms. Left unchecked, however, Overture and Google pay per click fraud has the capability of depleting your PPC budget and draining your valuable advertising resources.

We offer a package of click fraud detection designed to work in concert to alert you to suspicious activity, provide detailed reporting and help you recover lost advertising dollars lost to Overture and Google fraud. Our click fraud detection, click fraud monitoring and fraud auditing software will

alert you of all suspicious activity occurring on your site in real-time
allow you to construct and customize reports that you receive in real time to manage click fraud
and ultimately recover the lost revenue of which you are being deprived.
Our service makes it possible to send click fraud reports to Google Adwords, Overture, Kanoodle or other PPC networks.

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Why Click Fraud Detective™?
What makes Click Fraud Detective Click Fraud Detection unique?
Unlike search engine networks who can only monitor click fraud before the click, Click Fraud Detective offers the most advanced post-click or advertiser-side click fraud detection technology on the market today. We use a sophisticated statistical scoring algorithm that is the result of over two years of research and development work performed by mathematicians, programmers, and SEM and PPC specialists


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