6 Other Uses Of Live Chat Software

Live chat software is primarily used to accommodate the queries and concerns of the clients as part of the technical support of a company. This type of support system has been proven very effective in satisfying customers’ needs and increasing sales of the companies. According to a recent study conducted, 90% of the clients find live chat software support as very helpful. There is also 63% likelihood of dropping another visit to a website that offers live chat support. This is technically equivalent to 63% potential clients, sales and profits.

However, there are other things you could do with live chat software. Maximize your live chat software by doing these six other creative functions:

1.Welcome your guests. Live chat support need not be for guests’ concerns only. It could be used for welcoming and making your guests feel at home by making creative and personalized welcome messages. At the same time, you could add the logos or tag line of your company, as a form of non-intrusive advertisements. After giving them a warm welcome, you could encourage the guests to look around while letting them know that someone is available to help them, whatever is their concern. Guests would feel more comfortable knowing that there is somebody available to attend to their needs in the very same manner an actual salesperson would.

live chat software2.Promote new products. When visitors browse your website, that is a great indicator that they are looking for something. This is a great opportunity to introduce a new product to them. New products usually need more detailed description and promotion as the clients have limited information about them. Guests usually appreciate knowing the latest item or product first hand.

3.Evaluate the overall experience of the guests through feedbacks. Live chat software is also a great tool to measure the total satisfaction of the client from the time of visit to the end of it. At the end of transaction, whether your client was satisfied or not, you would benefit from all the feedbacks of the clients. It would help you determine the status of your business as to its effectiveness to service a client. It can also help you modify the layout or design of the page according to the comments and suggestions of your clients. Plus, it could be used as a means of letting the clients know that you value their patronage and that their satisfaction is your primary business.

4.Use it to inform clients of promotions and new packages. This is also an effective marketing strategy to encourage the clients to avail of some new offers with discounts or coupons that your company is offering. Or you could add a twist by giving discounts when your clients take the time to answer some feedback forms or refer your company to friends.

5.Assess employee and costumer relations more accurately. Most live chat companies offer a feature that records all the conversations. After a day’s work, you could use these as bases of your employee’s assessment. How did the employee deal with the client? Was he helpful? Cordial? Or does he need some more training in relating to the clients? You could also assess how satisfied the client is through their communication.

6.Chat transcriptions could be used as reference for any issue or complaint. As most data are recorded, these chats could be saved and further used for any clarification needed when the situations arise. Sometimes, the customers would feel that their concern was not met. Having a recorded conversation could validate this information, which could help resolve the situation.

How to Make Your Golf Clubs Last for a Very Long Time

When it comes to playing the sport of golf, golf clubs are not only financial investments – they are great game investments, too. Some Taylormade golf clubs can cost as much as $3000. Some store personnel or sales professionals will tell you how to take care of your own set of Taylormade golf clubs after your purchase. However, most of the time, let’s admit it, we don’t listen or follow those tips.

A set of Taylormade golf club, when taken care and maintained properly, can last for a lifetime. These golf clubs can let you enjoy the sport of golf for many years.

Taylormade GolfThe initial step in taking care of your golf clubs is inspection. Keeping your golf equipment in pristine order starts with constant and scheduled check-ups of your golf clubs. Opposite to what others think about, inspecting your golf clubs will only take 10 to 15 minutes of your time.

Before and after your golf game, you should inspect your golf clubs. However, in any case you cannot do the inspection before and after the game, you should allot at least once or twice a month of inspection for your golf clubs.

Start your regular inspection by checking the golf club’s grips if there are any cracks or tears. Grips which are old are usually glossy and hard to hold, which can be slippery during the game. If you find any worn-out, cracks or tears in your grip, replace it with a new one right away. After checking the grip, check the shaft if there is any bend or rust. Also check the golf head if there are any cracks or rusts.

After inspecting your golf club, you should also clean them in order for them to look and perform like new ones. Regular cleaning is not as complicated as it sounds. It only involves warm water, mild cleaning agent (or soap), as well as a soft-bristled brush (or an old toothbrush).

Before placing any of your Taylormade golf club in their respective golf bag for storage, do not forget to give your golf clubs a good cleaning first. In cleaning your golf clubs, clean the club heads and grips first with warm, soapy water then wipe the shafts with a clean cloth. Also, keep in mind that before placing the golf clubs in the bag, the interior of the golf clubs should also be clean and dry.

Storing the golf clubs, after cleaning, is also as easy as pie. Here are some simple do’s and don’ts to help you keep your golf clubs and make them last for years.

1.Never leave your golf clubs in the garage or in your car’s trunk. Temperature, especially your car’s trunk, can go as high as 180 degrees which can cause the epoxy or glue in your club head and shaft to break down. High humidity in those areas can also cause rust to build up in your golf club.

2.Always store your golf clubs in a cool, dry place. An area with controlled temperature which is not too hot, not too cold, and not too humid is the best place to keep and store your golf clubs. Always store your golf bags and golf grips in a dry place in order for them not to accumulate any mildew or molds. Molds in a golf bag, most especially in a golf grip, is not very easy to remove. Sometimes, it will require you to buy a new one, which can cause you even more expenses.

3.Remember to store your golf clubs in an upright position. Also, do not let your golf clubs tangled up with other golf equipments that you have. If you are using a wood or a driver, cover them with head covers to protect them more. Head covers protect the golf clubs against dust and scratches.

Click Fraud Detection


Click Fraud Detective™: Click Fraud Software Technology in Motion

In today’s business world, Internet advertising is a major and necessary component of the competitive marketing strategy of most companies.

In recent years, many businesses have come to rely heavily or exclusively on attracting clients through their online advertising, allowing for

unprecedented access of companies to customers.

Unfortunately, this rapid transformation of the marketplace has also spawned a far less desirable phenomenon: pay per click fraud (PPC Fraud).

Unscrupulous competitors and publishers have devised multiple methods to use technology to gain unfair competitive advantages or to

fraudulently line their own pockets with advertiser’s marketing dollars. Click Fraud Detective™ offers a sophisticated click fraud detection

technology employing an advanced statistical scoring algorithm developed jointly by our expert web technologists and search engine marketing

pay per click specialists, for the specific purpose of monitoring and detecting pay per click fraud and helping advertisers secure refunds due

to click fraud.


Click Fraud Detective: Pay Per Click Auditing Services

PPC networks, such as Google Adwords and Yahoo! Search Marketing (Overture), can be your most powerful web advertising platforms. Left unchecked, however, Overture and Google pay per click fraud has the capability of depleting your PPC budget and draining your valuable advertising resources.

We offer a package of click fraud detection designed to work in concert to alert you to suspicious activity, provide detailed reporting and help you recover lost advertising dollars lost to Overture and Google fraud. Our click fraud detection, click fraud monitoring and fraud auditing software will

alert you of all suspicious activity occurring on your site in real-time
allow you to construct and customize reports that you receive in real time to manage click fraud
and ultimately recover the lost revenue of which you are being deprived.
Our service makes it possible to send click fraud reports to Google Adwords, Overture, Kanoodle or other PPC networks.

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Why Click Fraud Detective™?
What makes Click Fraud Detective Click Fraud Detection unique?
Unlike search engine networks who can only monitor click fraud before the click, Click Fraud Detective offers the most advanced post-click or advertiser-side click fraud detection technology on the market today. We use a sophisticated statistical scoring algorithm that is the result of over two years of research and development work performed by mathematicians, programmers, and SEM and PPC specialists


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