pcb design1 THE NEVER ENDING CHANGE OF PCBSMobile phones have gone a long way. After all, they were considered a breakthrough decades ago simply because they eliminated the need for telephone wires! Now, mobile phones went up the next level, as they already function as mini computers. What’s even more amazing is that today’s mobiles don’t rely so much on physical buttons – navigation is mainly done by touching the screen. Many years ago, that was merely science fiction. Mobile phones aren’t merely capable of making calls and sending messages, they can capture photos, record videos, play music, surf the internet, read fingerprints, and even measure heart rates! No wonder mobile phones are now called smartphones.

What makes these phones smart? The answer lies in the printed circuit board. The printed circuit board is essentially the backbone of every smartphone in existence. Even the iPhone’s A8 chip or Samsung’s Exynos 7420 chipset will be rendered useless if not properly attached to a printed circuit board. If you’re wondering what the PCB looks like, you’ll be surprised that it’s the green or blue board found inside a smartphone and in all other electronic communications devices. It’s where all the other components are attached to, which is why PCBs from different devices don’t look the same.

How relevant then is the printed circuit board for a smart phone? Being the one that connects every other component, the printed circuit board is expected to contain or process all the necessary electronics and algorithms for the handset to function. When the first mobile phone was invented, it was only designed to make calls, which means its printed circuit board has the electronic components necessary for making calls. Still, the printed circuit board can be altered depending on the design of the smartphone. Flip or slide phones usually use a flexible printed circuit board.

The conductors on a flexible printed circuit board are usually bonded to a thin dielectric film. With the demand for slimmer phones, smartphone companies not only compete in terms of software features but also in style, appearance, size, weight, and battery life. Slimmer phones require slim PCBs, more advanced software requires complex electric circuits and may take up a lot of space, yet printed circuit boards are able to meet expectations when it comes to both software and the hardware.

How does the printed circuit board meet such qualifications? One innovation that made it possible is the HDI or High Density Interconnect PCBs. HDIs are slimmer than normal printed circuit boards, yet are much dense and can support more functions per unit area. These cutting-edge PCBs are characterized by finer lines and spaces, smaller vias, and more compact capture pads.

Today, it’s possible to shrink an 8-layer printed circuit board down to a 4-layer HDI PCB. Of course, the latter can still achieve the same (or better) functions compared to a traditional printed circuit board. Reducing the printed circuit board’s layers also helps reduce the overall cost of the product, which is an advantage for consumers.

pcb circuit 300x300 THE NEVER ENDING CHANGE OF PCBSCompared to the traditional printed circuit board, HDI PCB has higher speed, performance, and frequency. That is the reason why smartphones aren’t the only ones equipped with the latest PCBs, as many portable computers, game consoles, wearables, and personal digital assistants also rely on those crucial components.

No one can stop technology from progressing, which makes engineers face more problems when coming up with new printed circuit board designs. Perhaps early involvement in the design process would be helpful to arrive at the best solution. But no matter what the future unfolds, you can expect that printed circuit boards will continue to develop beyond HDI. Who knows, in the near future, you might even see printed circuit boards in never-before-seen shapes.

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6 Reasons Custom Lanyards Work as a Promotional Item

Custom printed lanyards have become popular as a promotional item for conferences and businesses. With high quality printing, one gets to make his brand or campaign visible even years after the conference or product launch. Moreover, lanyards are available in various materials, including organic cotton, polyester, bamboo and recycled PET plastic. Silkscreen printing allows the use of as many colors as you desire. Company logos can also be easily included in the design. If you are thinking of promotional items for your upcoming event, here are six more reasons lanyards work.

Give and You Shall Receive

That’s simply the law of reciprocity. Whatever item you give, rest assured that you would receive something in return. It does not matter whether you give away branded pens or custom lanyards. People appreciate the sweet gesture. A study showed that 52% of the individuals given a promotional item did business with the company, whereas the remaining 48% of the participants said they would be likely to transact with the company because of the item they received.

“Free” Gets the Attention

Admit it: when you hear the word “free,” you become interested. That is human nature. People like something that is free. Get consumers’ attention during every tradeshow with the help of free items. You will be surprised how a simple lanyard can be a head turner. A study showed that booths giving out promotional items experienced about 176% increase in traffic.

Thinking About Long Term Exposure

Custom lanyards 300x139 6 Reasons Custom Lanyards Work as a Promotional ItemUnlike paid TV or radio advertisements, custom lanyards and similar promotional items have that long-term aspect. A lanyard customized to have your company logo, slogan, or contact details serves its promotional purpose for years. It means exposure. Give a lanyard to someone. His friends will notice that cute lanyard and ask where he got it, and then he will answer, “[your company] gave it for free.”

Think of it this way: each of the people to whom you give an adorable lanyard has at least 10 friends who may see it; hence, if you give 100 custom lanyards, you have that chance of exposure to 1000 consumers.

Repeated Exposure Leads to Brand Recognition

When your brand enjoys repeated exposure, people are likely to be familiar with it. Seeing something over and over again makes you remember it. Studies about promotional products show that more than a third of people who received a promotional item remember the company or brand associated with the product.

You Reach Beyond Your Target Audience

The problem with business is that you tend to focus on your target audience. With promotional products, such as lanyards, you can unconsciously reach other people without knowing it. People are introduced to your brand through those who receive your promotional item.

People Think You Are Awesome

When people remember that you give something for free, they will remember you. They are likely to have a favorable impression of your brand or company because of your simple gesture of goodwill. This is why affordable custom lanyards have been effective as promotional products.

If you are thinking of promotional products that work, consider lanyards. Lanyards are items that are manufactured easily. You can also ask your chosen manufacturer to customize the items to have whatever design and information you need to show to people. They are affordable items to give away that people will appreciate. When given for free, they get the attention of consumers. They are not consumable and are useful for a long time, giving your brand the repeated exposure it needs.

What is amazing is that your brand is exposed to many people, including the ones you have neglected. Finally, giving away something for free compels people to have a positive impression of your company and brand.

Keynote Speaker Traits

Conducting lectures or conferences can be quite difficult for those who are not accustomed to organizing events. There are so many things that one has to accomplish in preparation of the event, such as booking the hall or room, promoting the event, inviting participants and most importantly, getting a good keynote speaker.

In looking for a speaker, knowing his expertise and schedule is very crucial in booking his services. However, there are also other important things that you must take note of, such as his traits. An effective speaker must have these five basic traits:

1.  Excellent speaker

Keynote Speaker Keynote Speaker TraitsFirst and foremost, keynote speakers must be able to speak fluently and clearly. Obviously, this is the most basic thing that you must consider in choosing a speaker. Although most keynote speakers are skilled in this field, there are some who are only beginning in this venture and may experience the occasional stage fright.

Also, your keynote speaker must not just be able to speak well, but he must also be great in delivering his speech. There are some speakers who speak fluently but have trouble getting their messages across.

If you are hiring for a big-scale lecture, try to invite someone who no longer has these problems.

2.  Knowledgeable about the subject matter

Every conference has a theme that the keynote speaker must adhere to. However, the common practice is that the organizers would invite someone who is very knowledgeable about the subject matter. Thus, it is not the keynote speakers who will adjust but it is the organizers who will.

If you are looking for a speaker for your event, research for the most prominent person in the subject matter. Contact this person and ask for his availability. If you wish to have more options, list down all the potential speakers that you may invite.

3.  Entertaining and has a sense of humor

It is a reality that some people get bored during long lectures. Even if they are genuinely interested in the topic before them, they may lose interest if the speech gets dragging. When the audience gets bored, the event may not turn out as successful as it should be. To avoid this from happening, you should look for a speaker which is not merely knowledgeable in his field of expertise, but is also charismatic enough that he may be able to entertain the audience.

While anyone can easily give out a lecture, not everyone can successfully please the crowd. There are some speakers who are too serious with their speeches that they tend to ignore their audience’s reactions.

Invite a keynote speaker who interacts with his audience every once in a while. Find someone who does not just read off from his materials but can occasionally tell a joke or ask for the audience’s opinion. Aside from being informative, this kind of speaker will also be entertaining. The lecture attendees will definitely enjoy his presence and the event will certainly be a success.

4. Accommodating

And lastly, you should invite a keynote speaker who entertains questions. There are some lectures which do not have an open-mic discussion at the end, but this is only because of lack of time or because of the hectic schedule of the speaker. However, the norm is that the speaker encourages the audience to ask question. Usually, the audience may have some things that they would want to clarify or some ideas that they want to follow up on. It is important that your speaker is open to this, so it is greatly advised that you find someone who is open to accommodating inquiries.

Finding the right speaker isn’t a complicated task. After all, as you’ve learned, you’ll simply have to pay attention to the most relevant traits.

Real HCG Drops Help With Fat Loss

Modern society has not made it easy to work with a lot of the things that you have to do in order to gain health and wellness. Most of the time you are going to find that advertising pushes the negative, more than the positive. With so many high caloric options flooding the marketplace, you are going to find yourself in a world that you may not want to be in. If you are within the range of elements that aren’t going to help you achieve any sort of balance, and you end up losing out on the goodness that comes from weight loss, you can definitely find yourself blaming society. It’s hard to navigate the options of fast food choices and more. However, if you are planning on taking the offensive, and you truly want to lose weight and gain a handle on your forward progress, then you will definitely want to look into real hcg drops, and balance that with other simple solutions.

The Push For Nutrition

real hcg drops 179x300 Real HCG Drops Help With Fat LossThe first thing that most people think about when look into nutritional elements, is the role that food plays. Food is something that you don’t want to just run into overall. You don’t want to treat it as something that is expendable, and then slash your daily intake. Instead, look for options that are going got help you get nutrition into your system and deal with the right balancing act. With the right elements, you can find that your body will react to the positive factors that you have and create a balancing act that will pay off dividends.

When you eat a good mix of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, you will feel more energy, and vitality will rise overall. A rise in vitality is a good thing, because it can help you create a semblance of balance that most people don’t get at first glance. You will want to take baby steps if you’re going to go down this route, especially if you plan on getting through the long term options that benefit weight loss and management over time.

Finding Exercise That’s Fun

If you’re going to go the route of using real hcg drops, you are going to be in good hands, but don’t let that be the only thing that you do to help yourself make moves. Focus on exercise as well. Find something that is truly fun for you to do and just follow through with it. If you focus on this and build your foundation to find a great showcase, you are going to end up with a proper channel that will give you relief, and benefits far beyond the initial loss of water weight. Often times, people end up losing out on the bigger picture that comes from exercise, because they assume that lower caloric intake is the dominant element overall.

Figuring out what is fun shouldn’t be something difficult to manage. Instead, think about what makes you tick, and find something that complements your schedule. You’ll find that there are a lot of options that abound in the public sector that can help you get some exercise. Whether it’s joining a parks & rec league, or finding a hobby that is active. Whatever the case is, you need to focus on the fun factor that comes with learning how to lose weight, and you’ll end up with a positive outcome overall.

Tie this all together with the use of diet and exercise, and you’re going to find yourself in a good balancing act overall. Just test the waters and see what helps you move forward with the right elements in place.

Golf Iron Sets and Golf Clubs: The Weapons

Golf is one of the world’s major sports. It’s a gentleman’s game, requiring both strength and finesse. While the golfer himself/herself is responsible for how their scorecard will look at the end of a game, their main weapon, the club, can aid them in performing better… if they choose the right one.

Novice golfers need to know these distinctions as the choice of club, particularly the choice of iron, could mean the difference between improvement and disappointment. This article will talk about the different types of clubs, along with how each one is used.

Parts of a Club

Before getting to the types of clubs, it is as important to talk about the parts of the club, as these can also make or break a golfer’s game. There are 3 parts to a golf club: the grip, the shaft, and the head.

golf iron sets Golf Iron Sets and Golf Clubs: The WeaponsThe grip is, as the name implies, the part of the club that you hold. It connects the golfer to the club itself. They’re either made of rubber or leather, and should be free of any obvious lumps, bumps or grooves. Personal preference dictates the grip design apart from this particular rule.

The shaft, on the other hand, connects the grip to the head and should be round. It’s either made of steel or carbon-fiber and resin composite, depending upon the golfer’s needs and budget. Carbon fiber is lighter yet more expensive than steel. Stiffness is also taken into account, and is given a rating labelled as one of the following:

• L – ladies

• A – seniors

• R – regular

• F – firm

• X – extra firm

• S – stiff

In terms of stiffness, this is dependent not on preference but on skill. Golfers who have perfected their swing and are very strong need stiff shafts to maximize the power they produce. However, if you lack that power or technique, a more flexible shaft will aid you in getting more distance.

The head is where all the power is directed. Variations are accepted in club heads, although it’s still largely regulated. The size and shape of the head is dependent on how it is used during play.

Types of Clubs

There are three clubs that can be found in a golfer’s bag: woods, irons, and a putter. All three are essential, and any golf bag should contain all three types, lest you be left in the dust.

A putter is a golfer’s high-precision tool, although all clubs require precision to be used to its full potential. Once a player gets the ball to the green, it’s the club of choice, since putting is the best way to get the ball from the green into the hole.

A wood is a club that is designed for maximum distance. Golf woods are typically numbered as 1, 3, and 5, although there are golfers that carry a 7 wood. They are usually the least-used, unless you play exclusively on par 4- and par 5-holes. Tee shots are their main stage, since they work best off of the tee. A 1 wood will give you the most distance from your tee shot, especially for par 4’s and par 5’s, although there are cases where you need to use a 3 wood or a 5 wood if the distance to the hole is really long (and if you don’t have that good of a swing).

An iron is probably the most utilized club in a golfer’s bag. This is one of the reasons why golf iron sets make the bulk of what’s in a golf bag. Golf iron sets typically have 5-7 numbered irons, starting from 3 all the way to 9, as well as those with the letter W.Golf iron sets are further classified into 4 subtypes: long irons, mid irons, short irons, and wedges.

The Irons

Long irons, numbered 3 and 4, have the longest range within golf iron sets, though their use is fairly limited, and often replaced by fairway woods or hybrid clubs.

Mid irons, numbered 5-7, are mid-ranged irons that provide the most utility before the ball gets anywhere near the putting green.

Short irons are built for chip-ins or “bump and run” shots, and are numbered 8 and 9. Wedges, on the other hand, are utility irons with uses ranging from chip-ins and positioning into the putting green to getting out of sand.

What to Consider When Getting Custom Coins

You need to consider a few things when you are getting custom coins. The most important thing that you have to come up with is a design. It doesn’t matter whether you have a completed sketch for the coins or not, just as long as you will provide enough details for the manufacturer to work on. Other than that, here are more things to prepare for:

• Decide how you want to customize your coins. There are several ways to get custom coins. You can get an existing design and have it created. You may modify some elements of a pre-existing template and submit it to the manufacturer. You can also have an entirely new model.

• Know what coin-making services are available. Inquiring about services serves two purposes: first, it makes you know whether the company will be able to do what you ask them to, and second, it informs you about offers that may be appealing for you. Take note of how much these services cost. Request for a pricelist if one is not given to you upfront. They will give you a quote after your transaction; use this list to check if they are charging the correct amount.

custom coins 300x148 What to Consider When Getting Custom Coins• Get a template. The manufacturer needs to see what you want them to do. Obtain sketches or pictures of the coins. You can draw them in any kind of paper or with an image editing program. You may also get an artist to do it for you. If you are sending the images over e-mail, you need to convert these illustrations into an image file – know what file formats they accept. You can also refer to the manufacturer’s templates and change them to suit your tastes.

• Pick your metal. Custom coins can be made of various metals but the most common are these: gold, nickel, copper, brass, and silver. These can be combined together to produce an alloy that has an interesting tint. They can also be polished to become reflective or dulled down to look like antiques. Nickel can be blackened for a sophisticated appearance. Take note that the price may vary according to the kind of metal and finishing.

• Select your coin shape from Challengecoins4less. Your coins can have other shapes other than a round one; however, manufacturers often use a circular coin to begin with. This means you will pay for the value of a full round coin even if you will use a slightly smaller shape. You can have it made into a square, a dog tag or rectangular shape, a many-sided shape, an irregular shape, or a shape with cut outs.

• Decide if you want colors or not. Paint can be applied to coins – when you want it colored, inquire about available colors. It is a good idea to get an epoxy covering on painted coins to prevent the paint from being removed. Paints may also have varieties such as translucent, neon, etc. Die struck coins are engraved coins without colors. These usually cost less than colored varieties.

• Choose whether you want colors to be printed or filled in. Coins are colored either through a printing method or by using enamel that is applied on the coins’ surfaces. If you want highly detailed colors, go for print. If you want bold and solid colors, cloisonné and other similar methods will do.

• Add details. Coins can sport details such as 3D shapes, side engravings, cut edges, texturing, inserts, cutouts, attachments, etc.

• Purchase containers. Coin containers may be sold along with coins, such as velvet-lined boxes, clear capsules, soft bags, handy pouches, etc. Consider these if you are collecting coins.

These are some of the things to consider when acquiring custom coins. You will also need to give them instructions on how many coins you want and where to send them if you want them shipped. Buy only from trusted sellers for the best results.

Why Do People Buy GW-501516

Unless you’re seeking to follow in the footsteps of a few athletes who found doping necessary to get their most coveted title, you should check out GW-501516 if you want to get great results from your workouts. There have been an increasing number of people who buy GW-501516 to have enough energy and strength to continue with their muscle training when their body is already at its limit. However, not everyone seems to fully understand how exactly this serves their system.

For muscle builders, reaching the peak at which their body allows them to perform consistently is a big issue. Of course, they’d want to do a few more reps to achieve their goals without their body complaining about it. While they still have the right mindset to follow a certain training program, with all their muscles drained out, ceasing training is simply inevitable. Because of this, they feel the need to buy GW-501516 in the hopes of complying with their own standards of endurance.

gw 501516 Why Do People Buy GW 501516Firstly, this is a type of drug considered as a PPARδ (peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor delta) modulator. What it basically does is stimulate the production of the enzyme AMPK (adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase). When this particular enzyme is activated, the result is an increase in muscle capacity.

Naturally, our muscle tissue tires out when put under too much stress. For an ordinary person who’s not particularly into bodybuilding, lifting half his weight makes his muscles seem like they can’t move anymore after doing the strenuous task. But given the effect of the drug, this can be overcome, and he may still be able to lift that weight for a couple more times. If the drug can be this effective, a bodybuilder can easily build muscle mass in less time than usual.

Unfortunately, its use among athletes is banned because it provides them an unfair advantage over their competitors given how it helps enhance the user’s endurance. This simply proves how well taking GW-501516 can enhance an individual’s endurance significantly. The drug is said to take effect immediately and provide results that are very noticeable.

Some men who are overweight buy GW-501516 to help them deal with their obesity. There have been evidences of this drug being able to counter the metabolic abnormalities among obese men who are at risk of diabetes and metabolic syndrome. This is believed to be possible through facilitating the oxidation of fatty acids. Because of this believed effect, GlaxoSmithKline, the company who developed the drug, has been studying its use not only for diabetes and obesity, but also for cardiovascular disease and dyslipidemia (abnormal levels of lipids in the blood).

The fact that many have already experienced the benefits of this drug, as far as losing fat and gaining extra endurance are concerned, may be reason enough for many to make their decision and buy GW-501516 from a decent provider. However, there are still studies being conducted to test if it is really safe or not. The company who created the drug is yet to publicize the entirety of its beneficial effects and health risks. But apparently, this is somewhat overlooked by a few experts and starting bodybuilders.

Despite these facts, it is evident that the number of vendors offering GW-501516 is increasing as the months go by. If you wish to buy GW-501516, you need to make sure you’re getting it from a legitimate provider. The drug may potentially be hazardous, and further research may be required to fully determine how effective and safe it is as an over-the-counter drug. As such, be aware that side effects can occur, especially when dosed beyond what the manufacturer has indicated on the label.

Foreclosure Consultation Must Have’s

Consulting with a Long Island foreclosure attorney is an important step in understanding your situation. In some cases, the consultation is free, at other times, you pay a fee. Regardless, your time is always limited. That is why you need to prepare for a consultation, like you would a presentation or a report. Below are a few documents you need to understand and bring.

Absolute Confidentiality

Long Island foreclosure attorney 300x162 Foreclosure Consultation Must Have’sPlease take note that the documents and information you are about to relate are highly sensitive. Simply put, in the wrong hands it is enough to perpetuate identity theft and credit card fraud under your name. That is why it is best to consult with an attorney. You know that they are bound by law to keep all matters confidential. What is your assurance that a Long Island foreclosure attorney will keep that confidentiality? Simple, a lawyer is easily identified by his/her name, business location and bar identification number. Therefore it is very easy to file a complaint and have an erring lawyer reprimanded or suspended. A lawyer did not study another 4 years on top of college just to have his/her license suspended or revoked. This is as opposed to internet based or PO box addressed companies that can easily disappear after they have taken your money and given you poor advice.

Loan Documents

You need to bring the complete set, not only the final contract but also the initial documents pending approval or during negotiations. Arrange the documents properly to save time. Tip: initial loan documents are marked as such. Final loan docs are also marked as such. At the very least make sure to bring the following:

• Promissory Note: Arguably the most important document of them all. This is because it contains your promise to pay as well as the important particulars i.e. interest rate, number of instalments, terms and conditions, limiting clauses, grace period, etc.

• Uniform Residential Loan Application (form 1003). This is important because aside from loan type information, it provides you with details regarding your income and expenses during the time you applied for the loan.

• ARM Disclosure: If your loan involves adjustable rate mortgages then you should have this form. In some cases it is titles Variable Rate Mortgage Program Disclosure.

• Deed of Trust: This document provides information on the rights and duties of both mortgagor (you) and mortgagee (bank/lender).

• Good Faith Estimate; HUD; Truth in Lending Disclosure: These document enumerates one by one the expenses relevant to the application and closing of the loan contract. More importantly this allows you to determine exactly how much is the cost of the property vis a vis the expenses and interest rate you pay.

Personal and Financial Information

You should also bring two identification cards i.e. drivers license, employee ID, etc. As well as 6 months recent paystubs. Might as well recomputed your income and expense the same way you did with your form 1003. If you have a credit report not older than 6 months lying around, bring the same as well/

Remember, if you are only consulting, you do not leave your documents with the Long Island foreclosure attorney. You only do so once you actually sign up as a client.

Read the Documents Beforehand

By doing so, you are able to refresh yourself with details regarding your loan. This way it is easier to ask questions, and answer the same. Remember, everything you say to a Long Island foreclosure attorney is absolutely confidential. So be 100% honest. This way the answers you get are as accurate as possible. Lying to conceal some debts or to build yourself up will only lead to bad advice, and the fault is attributed to you.

Earn Profits through Commercial Long Island Real Estate

Real estate, just like any other kind of investment, comes in different options. When you are thinking about becoming a landlord, you may consider leasing out an apartment or another kind of residential property. Even though leasing these properties consists of investments owned by individual investors, real estate ventures make large profits through commercial properties.

In general, commercial properties are rented out for office space than for residential space. It includes restaurants, shops, and strip malls. In many cases, these properties are sold as a whole. However, if an investor requires more capital for project expansion or wants to ensure faster return on investment, the property can be divided into smaller units and sold individually.

Among the most significant benefits of commercial Long Island real estate are the enticing rental rates. In Long Island where the mount of new construction is limited by both land and law, commercial properties have high potential returns and significant monthly cash flows.

real estate Earn Profits through Commercial Long Island Real EstateCommercial real estate is also beneficial for long-term lease contracts compared to residential real estate. Usually, residential leases have short-term contracts often short as 3 to 6 months. However, it is also possible that some commercial leases could last for 10 years or longer though they normally last at least one year. This provides the commercial Long Island real estate investor with significant cash flow as long as the building is being leased for a longer period.

Legal binding is the main deterrent for most real estate investors to try commercial properties. The mechanics of purchasing, taxes, and upkeep obligations are often buried in layers of legalities that could change in terms of legislation, industry regulations, property size, and other factors. Many real estate investors either have special know-how of these legalese or they often avail of the services of professionals.

People who will have very little trouble investing in commercial properties are those who have extensive experience and expertise about the industry. Of course, a great source of cash is a requirement for the business. Plus, there is a wide range of commercial properties you can choose from so you don’t need to stay with just one option. Just be certain that you can effectively manage the time and the expenses associated with investing in commercial real estate.

Another ideal commercial Long Island real estate investor is someone who has his own business. As is the case with some residential properties, it can be financially advantageous for anyone to own an office space instead of leasing it out. Investing in commercial properties is a high-risk, high-reward kind of real estate investment that will appeal to those searching for another venture. In searching for commercial properties as investments instead of partially using the properties for businesses, the most crucial factor to consider is the supply and demand. The best property is located in an area where vacancy is not too saturated and there is enough available space for new development.

Legal binding is the main deterrent for most real estate investors to try commercial properties.